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Greetings From John Bruno

Hello! My name is John Bruno, and I am a former NCAA strength and conditioning coach and martial arts instructor originally from Erie Pennsylvania, where I worked for about 10 years at Mercyhurst University, also in Erie. I am truly passionate about my career as a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and martial arts instructor. I enjoy helping others learn and succeed. Additionally, I value bettering myself through my training journey and practicing what I preach. I am a consummate learner and enjoy continuing my education as a fitness professional and regularly read, attend seminars, and practice new skills in fitness, nutrition, and martial arts. In late 2014, after finishing graduate school, I moved to Sarasota Florida where I now reside full time; I live in The Meadows area.

I have trained elite NCAA and professional athletes as well as the “average Joe” and out of shape people looking to get back in shape. I have worked with elderly people with orthopedic problems such as hip and knee replacements, aspiring youth and teen athletes, and everyone in between of all ages with differing fitness levels and goals. I have the education and experience to help anyone succeed. I am excited to work with you and guide you to success.

I am very much looking forward to helping you succeed in your fitness journey, whatever that may be for you. In my education and development, I have been coached by, trained under, and attended workshops from some of the best educators in strength and conditioning; names such as Pavel Tsatsouline, Dr. Stuart McGill, Brett Jones, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Lee Burton, Steve Cotter, Steve Maxwell, Eric Cressey, Dr. Mark Cheng, and Dan John. I look forward to sharing the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over the past 20+ years with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest,

Yours in Fitness,


John J. Bruno, MS, CSCS, PES, CSS, FMS, USAW

Master’s Degree in Exercise Science – Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention
Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach
AIS Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner Aaron Mattes Method
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
FMS Functional Movement Screening Specialist (Level II)
NASE Certified Speed Specialist
RKC Certified Kettlebell Lifting Instructor
AKC Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach
Black Belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
Certified Associate Grappling Instructor, Harris International

Certified Apprentice L5 Jeet Kune Do, French, Filipino, and Indonesian Martial Arts Instructor

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John Bruno – setting the bar higher for personal training

John Bruno is originally from Erie Pennsylvania where he attended Fairview High School and Mercyhurst University. Throughout his youth and teens he was very athletic playing many sports such as hockey, practicing martial arts, soccer, football, and wrestling. Bruno was also a very hard worker in the weight room and enjoyed the conditioning and strength training that went along with being an athlete. He was awarded the Outstanding Senior Athlete award for Ice Hockey at his high school in 1987 and also held three weightlifting records at the school. John Bruno began his career as a fitness professional when he took a part-time graduate assistantship at Mercyhurst University.

As a graduate assistant he was tasked with running a recreational martial arts and fitness program at the schools Fitness Center. From there he began training mixed martial artists and boxers for competitions when the athletes and athletic department took notice. In 2007, Bruno was hired on as a full-time Strength and Conditioning Coach to overseeing both the Strength and Conditioning program and the Martial Arts Program. After attaining his Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Mercyhurst, Bruno left the college after 11 years to pursue another Master’s Degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in performance enhancement and injury prevention from California University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated at the top of his class in the summer of 2014.

Upon graduation from CalU, Bruno moved to Sarasota Florida where he now resides and runs his business, John Bruno Strength and Conditioning, in addition to teaching personal training courses for World Instructor Training Schools as an adjunct at local universities and colleges. He believes in being a lifelong learner and has obtained many certifications and credentials over the years.

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People Bruno Has Helped

Bruno has worked with many different athletes and sports including:

  •   NCAA Division I – Men / Women Ice Hockey
  •   Professional Football, Hockey, and MMA
  •   NCAA Division II – Men / Women Tennis
  •   NCAA Division II – Men / Women’s Basketball
  •   The ROTC organization
  •   NCAA Division II – Men’s Lacrosse
  •   NCAA Division II – Men / Women Water Polo
  •   Golden Gloves Amateur Boxing
  •   NCAA Division II – Women’s Field Hockey
  •   Recreational Martial arts for all ages/fitness levels
  •   NCAA Division II – Women’s Softball
  •   Recreational Fitness for all ages/fitness levels

 Bruno is also very experienced with people over the age of 40 and special populations over the age of 65 with the typical health and orthopedic issues associated with such groups. He has hands-on experience working with Parkinson’s, ALS, ataxia, osteoporosis, stroke, debilitating injuries, lower back pain, quadriplegia, etc.

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Explanations of Bruno’s Education, Certifications, and Credentials

Bruno has obtained many professional strength and conditioning industry and martial arts certifications. Here is a comprehensive list with explanations:

 Master of Science Degree – Exercise Science and Health Promotion – Concentration in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention from the California University of Pennsylvania. Bruno graduated first in his class in the Summer of 2014.

 Master of Science Degree – Organizational Leadership – Mercyhurst University Erie Pennsylvania 2012.

CSCS – This is the gold standard of strength and conditioning, personal training, and fitness-related certifications. It is the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential given by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). It is the hardest fitness certification exam to pass. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes with the primary goal of improving athletic performance. They conduct sport-specific testing sessions, design and implement safe and effective strength training and conditioning programs and provide guidance regarding nutrition and injury prevention.

USAW – This is the USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach. It is a certification on how to coach the Olympic lifts and their variations for use in training athletes and enthusiasts. Participants in this course gain practical information from top-level coaches about weightlifting techniques, assessing movement, motor learning, biomechanics, effective coaching, and programming training. Participants learn highly effective coaching tips and cues from veteran weightlifting coaches, who help with the safe and effective implementation of Olympic lifting movements in training weightlifters, clients, and athletes of all ages and abilities. This course balances hands-on learning, in-depth discussions of technical progressions, and science-based programming information.

 PN2 – Precision Nutrition Level 1& Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach. This credential is obtained for completing an online course over several months for level 1 and then completing a 1-year mentorship course for level 2. These courses help coaches to help their clients eat better, improve their physical and mental health, and achieve lasting results. The elite mentorship program allows coaches to master the skills and build confidence in any coaching scenario and positively impact the lives of their clients on a deeper level.

 AIS – Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner from Stretching USA in the Aaron Mattes Method. Bruno attended approximately 48 hours of hands-on training in the “basic” and “advanced” courses and uses these modalities daily with his fitness clients. Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method centers on physiological principles of specific muscle lengthening, increased circulation, oxygen to the tissues, and lengthening of the superficial and deep fascia. Exact details of how to safely lengthen muscles and fascia simultaneously maintaining a physiologically based agonist-antagonist relationship are taught.

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PES – Performance Enhancement Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). This was a full semester three credit graduate level course and certification program. NASM’s Performance Enhancement Specialization (NASM-PES), teaches how to provide cutting-edge Strength and Conditioning training with the advanced knowledge, insight, and skills needed to help clients of all levels reach their peak performance potential.


FMS – Functional Movement Screening Specialist (Level II) under Functional Movement Systems (Gray Cook, Brett Jones, and Lee Burton are notable instructors). This course is designed to help trainers understand movement quality and spot dysfunctional movement. It gives corrective exercises to help people with these issues move better. The FMS Level 1Course provides an introduction to movement principles and how they can assist in the training process. The Functional Movement Screen is a rating and ranking system that captures mobility and motor control in seven fundamental movement patterns. The core focus of the Functional Movement Screen is to set a movement baseline to assist in the trainer’s ability to create more effective training and programming decisions. This screening tool and approach has been effectively utilized in a variety of training settings from traditional fitness to elite professional sports. The application of these concepts allows the trainer to select the best exercises for the client based on their Functional Movement Screen results and get them on a customized path for lifelong movement health. Corrective exercise applications and strategies are taught to improve clients’ movement pattern limitations that the Functional Movement Screen uncovers. It includes specific exercise progressions focused on breathing, mobility, and motor control to improve each pattern.

 CSS – Certified Speed Specialist under the National Association of Speed and Explosion, The NASE Level I Certification (NASE-CSS: Certified Speed Specialist) provides an introductory course on the foundational principles of the start, acceleration, maximum speed, and deceleration phases of a short sprint for the team and individual sport athletes. The most current information on exactly how speed is improved is provided with major emphasis on increasing ground reaction force and decreasing ground contact time.

RKC–Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Kettlebell Lifting Instructor 2006 – 2012. This was the first fitness certification that Bruno ever received. It is what started him down the path to full-time fitness professional. After taking this course became a sought-after instructor on many levels. It took what Bruno already knew and added several layers of hands-on application to it. Bruno attended this course back when Pavel Tsatsouline was still a part of the RKC. Since then Pavel (and many of the other coaches of that time) has left to start his organization called “Strong First”. This certification seminar was both academically and in a hands-on application sense, the best Bruno has ever attended. If you would like more information about our customized personal training near you, click here.

AKC – American Kettlebell Club Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach. This was another kettlebell coaching certification Bruno took in 2008. The focus was different than the RKC or “Hard Style” kettlebell lifting. This was more efficiency-based lifting. This is the preferred modality for athletes competing in kettlebell sport.

 Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – In July of 2021, after 25 years of training, Bruno received the coveted and respected rank of black belt in BJJ from his instructor of 21 years, Roy Harris, one of the first North Americans to hold the rank of black belt in BJJ. Bruno enjoys teaching beginners about the fundamentals of jiu jitsu. Bruno is looking to become specialized in teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to those over 40 and those over 50 years of age and older.

Certified Associate Grappling Instructor, Harris International– In 2004 and later in 2008 Bruno took special teaching courses from his Jiu Jitsu instructor, Roy Harris, and became affiliated as an official associate instructor of ground grappling including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Roy Harris and Harris International.

Certified Apprentice L5 Jeet Kune Do, French, Filipino, and Indonesian Martial Arts Instructor– From 2006 to the present, Bruno has attended many workshops and accumulated 100’s hours of hands-on instruction and 1000’s hours of hands-on practice in various aspects of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts and other martial arts systems.

Bruno’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lineage:

Jigoro Kano
Mitsuyo Maeda
Carlos Gracie
Helio Gracie
Francisco Mansor
Joe Moreira
Roy Harris
John Bruno

Bruno’s Jeet June Do / Filipino Martial Arts Lineage:

Bruce Lee
Dan Inosanto
Paul Vunak
Roy Harris
John Bruno

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