Never Too Old to Be Fit: A Guide for Fitness at Any Age

Fitness is such an exciting topic. If we talk about general stuff or reading a newspaper, we come across various articles where we see or read about elderly people going for exercises or even trekking and adventurous sports like paragliding and skydiving. It is so exciting to read about such articles. Oh my God, what feelings such articles give is difficult to describe in words. They are so inspiring though at the same time we wonder how people at that age can have such achievements that even young people struggle to get. But yes it is very much possible.

Well, there have been many incidents where elderly people have recovered from their severe ailments based on exercise. One of our clients once shared that in the town where his grandparents were there was an older adult who was suffering from paralysis. And he could see him recovering day by day. And in due course of time, he was able to walk on his own. And this miracle could happen based on the exercises which he was told to do as per his condition. Of course, both nutrition and fitness play an important part in everybody’s life. And especially in the case of elderly people. There are a few points which play an important role in fitness, especially for elderly people.

Good Organic Diet

These days the world is obsessed with or addicted to or used to food that is chemically treated or grown with the help of insecticides and pesticides. These are of course poisons that are absorbed by the food grown and in turn enter our body. So they are not only ruining our body but the soil also to a greater extent. Most of the fruits are ripened using chemicals like carbide which are harmful to health to a greater extent. 

Organic farming which was the base of agriculture in the agriculture-based country India has been the best way to grow food. Although the people in the US and worldwide have started understanding the importance of organic food and its health benefits. People are even growing food on the residential premises. Although it’s still a dream that these insecticides and pesticides get eradicated from the Earth, hopefully, it will come true very soon. 

So the food which is rich in vitamins and minerals should be taken by elderly people and it should be organic as much as possible. It is essential to have different fruits, vegetables, salad and protein sources, and even whole grain & sprouts regularly. Various dry fruits are also required for the body as all these foods give you the essential elements which are required for the body.

Dairy products are also required as they are a rich source of calcium which is very much required by the human body & gives us stronger bones.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a very essential vitamin that is required by the body, especially for the absorption of calcium. Sunbathing in a mild sun means exposure to sun rays gives you adequate Vitamin D. Apart from that there are foods which are fortified with Vitamin D.

Exercise Under Proper Guidance

Exercise is Important for all age groups, especially elderly people. As we grow old we need to maintain our bodies well. If we talk about older adults when they start exercise there should be proper guidance as to knowing the proper movements of the body; depending upon the condition of every individual. As in such age, bones also become a little brittle.

The flexibility of every individual is different so depending upon that & the sort of illness an elderly person is having he or she needs a fitness regime under some guidance, especially in the initial phase. We at Bruno train people of all age groups and skill levels. There is specialized personal training for elderly people and people with problems like back pain etc.

We help adults looking to gain strength, muscle & tone also those who are recovering from surgery or injury. It can be said that we have the best strength and conditioning coach who can guide and teach as per the condition of every individual. He helps elderly people who are wanting to learn how to exercise effectively and safely while having fun. We also train individuals suffering from Parkinson’s and other disorders.


So where there is a will there’s a way. It can be said that one can never be too old to get proper training and make the body fit. It can be said that adequate fitness is mainly required at elderly age so that we remain self-dependent.