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Like an athlete would prepare for the rigors of an upcoming season, I always advise people to take this same approach with any upcoming orthopedic surgery… especially shoulders, hips, and knees. For example, if someone is having trouble getting up and down out of a chair, they really need to get their strength up before undergoing a hip replacement surgery for example. And if these same people have a weak upper body, they run a higher risk of injuring their shoulders during the post-surgery phase, where they will need to overuse their hands to get up and down. So, I suggest people do themselves a favor, and prepare for the post-surgery rehabilitation phase by training hard pre-surgery. It will make you and your physical therapist’s life easier. Then when physical therapy is done, before you revert back into your old ways, use this as a chance to improve your strength and get back to where you once were when you were younger and before the surgery causing injury happened. Note, at the time of this writing I am 51 years old and I have had 2 hip replacements… on in 2017 and one in 2018… since then I have broken most of my lifting records involving the legs… this is in no small part because I trained and prepared hard for both surgeries… and continued at it after the surgeries.

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